WAN (DS3/E3) HDLC Packet Monitor

For monitoring HDLC IP packets on a DS3/E3 circuit.

This device decodes IP packets encapsulated in an HDLC format on the WAN and presents them in Ethernet format at its copper, 100Base-TX LAN port for monitoring or recording by attached LAN equipment. Management of the unit is through the same LAN port (on a separate configurable VLAN if desired).

Two WAN, BNC receive ports allow monitoring of each WAN cable. Two WAN, BNC transmit ports allows the device to be inserted inline without a tap, if desired, to pass-through incoming DS3/E3.

For out-of-band management through a second LAN port, order our SFP upgrade accessory and SFP copper transceiver.

Detailed screen-shots, information, manuals and multi-card options are available here.

Rackmount brackets included.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

WAN DS3/E3 Line Monitor
WAN_Monitor$2,475.00, 3 units for $7,125.00, 6 units for $13,650.00
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