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PPPoE LAN to leased PPP DS3/E3 WAN switch

For connecting a PPPoE router/workstation to a leased PPP DS3/E3 circuit. Rackmountable. Redundant power available.

The basic unit contains a BNC WAN connection and two LAN ports - both a copper, GigE/100Base-TX and a SFP LAN port capable of accepting short or long-range optical transceivers. Both LAN ports accept jumbo frames up to 9700 bytes. The WAN port supports both full-rate and asymmetrical sub-rate DS3/E3 connections. In-band or out-of-band management via SNMP or HTTP is available through either LAN port.

Detailed screen-shots, information, manuals and multi-card options are available here.

PPPoE to DS3/T3/E3 Rate Switch - HTTP/SNMP management - 1 GigE/100BaseTX Full-Duplex LAN port - 1 SFP LAN port - 1 bidirectional DS3/T3/E3 port - rackmount brackets. (Model PPPoE-...)

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

PPPoE to WAN - Ethernet to leased PPP DS3/E3
PPPoE_to_WAN$2,475.00, 3 units for $7,125.00, 6 units for $13,650.00
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